SEASON 3 PREMIER! Laser Eye Misery - Garry Mason and Corneal Neuropathy

Lasik and neuropathic pain – is there a connection? There is if you’re Garry Mason, one of a rare minority of less fortunate patients who traded in better vision for a host of other issues.

In this episode, we discuss Garry’s struggles with corneal hyperalgesia, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), and blepharitis – otherwise known as a whole lot of pain for one corrective surgery.

SEASON FINALE! Everything I Wish I Knew About Podcasts But Already Do

widescreen podcast.jpg

What is a podcast? Does it bite when provoked? Can children under 5 take it with meals? Will your podcast and the sun disappearing change the world forever?

These and other questions will be asked in the following podcast. Sensitive listeners are advised to pull up a warm blanket and a mug of cocoa and talk about their feelings with someone…maybe a fireman?

Topics include:

  • Growing your audience: How often do you need to prune and fertilize?

  • How to make guests feel comfortable in that weird chair of yours

  • Editing out the harsh noises (a.k.a. “dialogue”)

There’s also helpful tips and inspiration, such as:

  • You can’t spell “podcast” without “dcas”

  • It’s OK, you can keep your day job and have a podcast

  • If you think the world doesn’t need your podcast, you’re just living in a rational, authentic reality.

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A Rock & Roll Saga, Part 2 - The Journey of Being Loud

The wild finale of a unique rock and roll saga.

See part one here:

 The passionate live sound engineer “Negative Zero” recounts his life punctuated by sex, drugs, rock & roll, and other loud things that sometimes get in one’s way, and sometimes advance one’s career.


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Negative Zero Pt. 1 - A Rock & Roll Saga

The passionate live sound engineer “Negative Zero” has lived a life punctuated by sex, drugs, rock & roll, and other loud things that sometimes get in one’s way, and sometimes advance one’s career.

The first episode of this two-parter evokes his early life in 1970’s San Antonio and traverses the years working in discos, radio stations, and rock clubs while braving the changes in the music scene through the decades.

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Jamie Rhodes and The MTHFR of Gene Mutations

Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase: a gene mutation with almost as many letters as health issues it causes. Artist Jamie Rhodes discusses her history and symptoms of MTHFR, as well as strategies for dealing with it—just short of living in a bubble.

"A Sea of Pink Circles" - Kathy McCarty and Face Blindness

In this episode, Austin music legend Kathy McCarty discusses how she came face to face with face blindness (prosopagnosia). How is this well-recognized singer-songwriter, musician and artist unable to recognize faces, even those closest to her?

We talk about coping strategies, being the world’s best busboy, mean Southern women, South Park, and of course, music.

Also featured is a sampling of Kathy’s musical career over the decades, including her influential Austin rock band Glass Eye, and her solo recordings “Dead Dog’s Eyeball” and “Another Day in the Sun”. For more on that, check out:

 See her art:


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Kathy wide.jpg

Season Two Opener! Amanda Pollitt - Waking up to Narcolepsy

Welcome to the first episode of Season Two! Dr. Amanda Pollitt discusses living with narcolepsy. We chat about dreams, drugs, and airplanes, as well as work/life balance, being a nap connoisseur, and sleep attacks.

Amanda is a doctoral fellow at UT Austin, where she studies the health and well-being of LGBT people.

This one’s definitely not a snoozer—though our guest may be!


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SEASON 1 FINALE! Holly Lorka, gender dysphoria and top surgery

Holly Thumbs.jpg

Holly Lorka doesn’t have a dick, and that for her is a deficit. Holly used to have a “nice pair of breasts”, which she also considered a burden. What happened, and why is it awesome?

Holly is a contributor to a monthly lifestyle magazine in Oxford, England. She’s also a reverend available for weddings. She is the author of the upcoming book, “The Captain of Some Ridiculous Ship”.

Some topics and interesting phrases from our discussion:

“Masculinizing a chest”

“Black Market Androgel”

“Taking the gendering out of the courtesy”


“Are we off the record?”

“Seriously, none of this goes on the internet”

“Advice for kids” (ok, maybe trans kids)


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Tightly Wound - Shelby Hadden and Vaginismus

A still from the film  Tightly Wound

A still from the film Tightly Wound

Shelby Hadden is a writer and documentary filmmaker. Her current animated film, Tightly Wound, explores her challenges living with vaginismus. In this episode, Shelby opens up about this painful pelvic floor condition: what it is, when it occurred, and how she’s dealt with it over the years. We also discuss behaviors and attitudes around sexuality, sexual health, and sex education.


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Special K - Spanked

From spanker to spanked…What happens when a person suffers traumatic brain injury in a life-threatening freak accident?   And how is his lifelong fetish affected? Our anonymous guest will discuss the details of his journey from being a fixture in the world of kink, to the predicament of how to stay alive and relatively the same as before when the odds are stacked against you.  

 In addition, D&S, BDSM and other strange acronyms will be spelled out in even more detail at

Here’s a video from the episode (also known as a “commercial”—though the product may be unclear…):



Spectra Stewart Pt. 2 - Super Sensitive


It's not easy being Spectra. Along with Hyperhidrosis (as you may recall from Part One), Spectra Stewart has to deal with being overly stimulated by taste, sound, and touch. In this episode, we'll discuss

  • Sensory integration
  • The pleasure of buffets
  • Uncomfortable furniture
  • Spanking
  • Wearing socks to bed

And more!

Be sure to listen for the ever-popular Friends With Deficits After-Hours segment, and of course--fake commercials. 

Spectra Stewart Pt. 1 - Super Sweat (Hyperhidrosis)


Spectra Stewart is a badass Texan who gives a new twist to an old saying: It’s not the heat, it’s the SWEAT. That is, when you’re dealing with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). She talks about the trials of slippery living, including the embarrassment, annoyance, and occasional benefit. But wait, there’s more! Turns out the conversation uncovered a couple more of Spectra’s interesting qualities, which we’ll cover in Part Two…

For now, we discuss handshakes, doorknobs, deer batteries, pole dancing, hugs, church, bowling, birth, and of course, sweat.