Meet your host.

Adam Sultan moved from his hometown of Los Angeles to Austin in 1986, and began a musical career as a guitarist for former Sony recording artists Poi Dog Pondering shortly after. His musical life has spanned decades, as both sideman and solo artist. He was co-creator of the “sado-vaudevillian” cabaret act, Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat, and currently plays with the Bowie and Queen tributes, Super Creeps and Magnifico. He has been a composer, writer, and performer for numerous Austin-based theater and dance companies. In the last five years he found new breath in the storytelling scene, as a regular contributor to Bedpost Confessions, Soundtrack Series, and others.

Adam has been an avid meditation practitioner and teacher for over thirty years in the Shambhala tradition. 

He has a deficit of thanks and gratitude to adequately repay his friends, new and old, who have have shared their stories on the podcast.