SEASON FINALE! Everything I Wish I Knew About Podcasts But Already Do

widescreen podcast.jpg

What is a podcast? Does it bite when provoked? Can children under 5 take it with meals? Will your podcast and the sun disappearing change the world forever?

These and other questions will be asked in the following podcast. Sensitive listeners are advised to pull up a warm blanket and a mug of cocoa and talk about their feelings with someone…maybe a fireman?

Topics include:

  • Growing your audience: How often do you need to prune and fertilize?

  • How to make guests feel comfortable in that weird chair of yours

  • Editing out the harsh noises (a.k.a. “dialogue”)

There’s also helpful tips and inspiration, such as:

  • You can’t spell “podcast” without “dcas”

  • It’s OK, you can keep your day job and have a podcast

  • If you think the world doesn’t need your podcast, you’re just living in a rational, authentic reality.

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